iOS 10 Release Date: June 2015 Announcement Imminent

iOS 10 will come with all those features which were missing in 1OS 9. The sources has said Apple’s next operating system will be the best operating system Apple has ever made, as this time Apple has taken every single suggestion and advice of their loyal fans. Though, there is one year left for the release of iOS 10, market is overwhelmed and curious to know what all features Apple will bestow to their users. Many fans as have suggested, Apple improve several preceding features like map transition and more surface extension.

iOS 10 Release Date June 2016

iOS 9 has been released only a month ago, fans are still discovering what all new changes Apple has created in this operating system. Several new features has been brought by iOS 9 into the market and most of the fans are happy with this operating system, yet few small changes that were expected is missing in iOS 9 and that could make a huge difference if those expectations will be included in the coming operating system along with all new unique features. The most loving feature and the main highlight remain for the iOS 9 is superior and proactive Siri, where user can give voice command to Siri for any query.

The schedule timing pattern for iOS 10 is expected to be the same as of iOS 9. It means iOS 10 will be announced in June 2016 and released publicly somewhere in July 2016.

In short we can say that iOS 10 will be the higher version of iOS 9 or you can say that it will be one of the best operating system of Apple, but you need to wait for a year at least to experience its amazing features, as every year Apple release new iOS version in June. So next will be iOS 10 in June 2016.

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