iOS 10 Features Wishlist

People have not yet fully explored the Apple’s new operating system iOS 9, but now we know what all iOS 9 is missing and what we can expect from the coming iOS 10. Let’s give a look what all features users wish to see in iOS 10:

iOS 10 Features Wishlist

iOS 10 Wishlist Features:

Improve Map Directions:

Map transition introduced by Apple in iOS 9 is far better than previous operating system, yet it is not up to the mark. Foremost it is not available for every city. It provides direction for selective cities. They really need to do uphill struggle to work their Map transition like Google. Fans are hoping Apple will improve this in iOS 10.

Enhanced Extension:

Most of the fans would like to see more activation points for extensions with inclusion of several other ways for users to call specific extensions directly with custom buttons. Apple should include more surface extension. There are several technical issues too in previous operating system, but apart from that users are facing difficulty in discoverability specifically with action and share extensions. Its design is so complicated that most of the users did not know this exist or what to do with them.

Personalization of Default App:

Apple should set different default apps, better would be to give option to users so that they can set their own default app as per their requirement. Most of the fans did not get why Apple is not allowing users to set different default apps on iOS. In iOS 10 fans are wishing Apple will resolve this issue. They should, like custom keyboards, let users to choose their favorite app for a specific set of core tasks.

Customized Home Screen:

Apple should empower their customer to customize their home screens. Many fans are crying out for this feature. Apple has provided this kind of feature, but fans don’t want just a kind of feature, they need fully customizable home screen. Currently it just provides glance information and runs basic functions. But fans would love to see a full home screen widget, if they don’t want to turn it as an Android, they can still get inspire from windows phone and make their icons live. Fans don’t want much from this just more information about changes to the apps would be enough.

Hide Apps That can’t be Uninstalled:

Apple provides several stock apps that are of no use to numerous customers and it doesn’t even provide options to delete those apps. Keeping it in a folder that will never be opened isn’t a deal, so a better way would be to provide hide app option. Fans don’t want a major addition, just a small ‘hide’ option in the setting screen. So that users can hide or unhide as per their requirement.

As now there is no official news of iOS 10 and we don’t even expect until June 2016. So let’s hope for the best performance of iOS 10 and wish they will bring the best OS with amazing features. You can also share your iOS 10 features wishlist in comments.

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