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All newest iOS 10 features and updates.

iOS 10 Rumored Features

iOS 10 Rumored Features: Home, Voicemail iCloud And Lots More

iOS 9 has just been out for a generally brief time, however we’re as of now turning our sights to the future and the declaration of Apple’s next mobile operating…

iPhone 7 Features iOS 10

Apple iPhone 7 Rumored Features Coming With iOS 10

iPhone 6s and 6s plus have just launched, people are not yet fully familiar with the functionality of these phone, but tech market is getting piled up with the rumors…

iOS 10 To Feature Siri Transcribe Voicemail Service

iOS 10 To Feature Siri Transcribe Voicemail Service Allowing To Read?

Today we are sharing the first rumoured feature to come in iOS 10 as Apple is already testing it and expected to launch in 2016. Apple is reportedly to come…

iOS 10 Features Wishlist

iOS 10 Features Wishlist

People have not yet fully explored the Apple’s new operating system iOS 9, but now we know what all iOS 9 is missing and what we can expect from the…