Apple iPhone 7 Rumored Features Coming With iOS 10

iPhone 6s and 6s plus have just launched, people are not yet fully familiar with the functionality of these phone, but tech market is getting piled up with the rumors of iPhone 7. Apple has applied for patents that leaked some features which are expected be integrated in iPhone 7. Let’s check it out iPhone 7 specs and rumored features:

iPhone 7 Features iOS 10

iPhone 7 Rumored Features And Specs:

iOS 10:

This is the best part of the iPhone 7 as it will be featured with iOS 10 which will show improvement on software level. It is very much expected iPhone 7 will run on iOS 10 which is rumored to feature new transcribe voice mail message.


It has come out from the sources that Apple is testing out waterproofing designs for iPhone 7. They are also working to improve dust proofing. Thus you can expect 100% waterproof ability from Apple’s next device.

Gesture Passcode:

There was a slight disappoint for the users at the time of iOS 9 launch when they have been asked to set up 6 digits passcodes instead of 4 digits. But this irritation will be removed with iPhone 7 since it is expected to come with gesture-based passcode system.

Dynamic Home Button:

iPhone 7 is expected to come with dynamic home button which will be capable to detect various gestures. This home button will be sensitive to gestures.

Wireless Charging:

It was earlier predicted in iPhone 6, but it couldn’t work out. But Apple watch is using the concept as inductive charging. It sounds really great, but at the same time as we’ve seen inducting charging has a very short range. Hope Apple will overcome on that and brings wireless charging in iPhone 7.

A10 Processor Could Be Six Cores:

The rumor is there that iPhone 7 will be integrated with A10 processor which possibly will have six cores.

Battery Improvement:

One of biggest dissatisfaction in iPhone 6S was battery which was slightly less than iPhone 6. Hopefully Apple will improve battery in next generation iPhone 7.


Apple will enhance megapixels for the iPhone 7 camera. Let’s see what is in the bag now.

Storage capacity:

Users desperately need this specs of increased storage and it seems iPhone 7 will fulfill their demand. Hopefully iPhone 7 version will start with 32GB storage not 16GB with other two version of 64GB and 128GB.

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