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Updated On: 01 November 2015

The most advance operating system is getting ready to knock on your door. Apple is working hard on its next generation operating system and it is believed that Apple may launch its next operating system iOS 10 in 2016 at WWDC. While maintaining the same long running releasing schedule, Apple will announce new iOS in June 2016.

iOS 10

iOS 10 Concept Image

In the newest operating system (iOS 9) the most admired feature was Siri but Apple is now known to further improve Siri in iOS 10. Apple is testing a feature that will use Siri allowing user to transcribe voicemail messages giving the feature to read instead of listening to it. If you like to send voicemail messages but don’t like to listen voicemail messages you will love this feature. As now you will be able to read voicemail messages instead of listening it.

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iOS 10 Release Date

Every year Apple fans waits for new iOS expecting a lots of new features and improvement. This time the wait will be for iOS 10.

iOS 10 release date

Though there is no official announcement for iOS 10 from Apple but it is very much expected, it will announce at WWDC in June 2016. Apple usually launch new iOS on Monday in the first half of June month. So it is very likely iOS 10 to be announce on June 6, 2016. But this are prediction until Apple officially announce WWDC 2016 event. You can know more about iOS 10 release date here.

Name of iOS Version
Announce And Beta Release Date
Public Release Date
iOS 8
June 2, 2014 September 17, 2014
iOS 9
June 8, 2015 Fall 2015
iOS 10
June 6, 2016?
Q4 2016?

iOS 10 Features (Wishlist & Rumours):

We have divided the wishlist in 2 parts iOS 10 rumoured features and iOS 10 wishlist features. Rumoured features are actually those features which are in news and has very high chance of being part of iOS 10 while wishlist features are fans demand. We will update the official features when announced.

iOS 10 Features Wishlist1

iOS 10 Rumoured Features:

Apple only reveals the official features of iOS 10 at the WWDC event but before the event happen lots of new features gets leaked and rumoured. So below we share all those features which are rumoured to come in iOS 10.

Transcribe Voice Mail Message:

This is the first rumoured feature of iOS 10 that will use Siri allowing us to transcribe voicemail messages giving the feature of reading instead of listening to it. With this feature you will be able to read the voicemail message. Below is how it will works:

When someone using iCloud Voicemail is unable to take a call, Siri will answer instead of letting the call go to a standard digital audio recorder.

iCloud Voicemail can relay information about where you are and why you can’t pick up the phone to certain people. But the coolest feature of the service is that Siri will transcribe any incoming voicemails, just like it does with anything else you say to it.

Reportedly Apple is already testing this feature and checking the reliability of this feature. If it works then it’s expected to get launch in new iOS 10.

iOS 10 Will Be Exceptionally Hard To Jailbreak:

Difficult to see this as a good news. Those of us who don’t jailbreak, it will have no effect and it will be a bad dream for jailbreakers who need to upgrade to the coming era of iOS. It’s trusted that iOS 10 will be remarkably hard to jailbreak because of another security framework that Apple is chipping away at called ‘Rootless’.

A site has reported as of late about this. We can’t check this report for ourselves and the site concedes that it doesn’t know whether Rootless will show up in the following programming redesigns to both macintosh OS X and iOS or sooner or later after that. In any case, jailbreakers will be anticipating next years WWDC declarations with some worry, we envision.

Homekit Hub To Be Potentially Called As Home:

HomeKit is Apple’s thoughts on the Internet of Things concept. A platform that will permit you to control home appliances and other non-conventional connected devices from your iPhone or Mac. It has announced the platform, yet we are sitting tight for an accompanying iOS app, particularly with HomeKit-compatible devices now broadly accessible for procurement. It is worth noting that on the off chance that you possess a HomeKit device, you’re ready to control it by means of Siri in iOS 9.

Actually it bodes well for this imperative new product area for Apple to be a center of consideration in future programming updates and we hope to see another HomeKit-centered application in iOS 10 called, probably, ‘Home’.

You can read more iOS 10 rumoured features here.

iOS 10 Features (# Wishlist):

Apple fans has huge features wishlist for iOS 10 and they have been sharing over social media, Youtube, forums and lots more places. They mostly talk about two aspects what they don’t like it current iOS and what they want in iOS 10.

We have compiled best iOS 10 features wishlist and sharing here with you. If you also have wishlist for iOS 10 do share in the comments at the end of this blog, who know Apple might read it and put it into iOS 10.

Pre-install Apps Handling:

Apple is integrated with numerous pre-installed apps. While it is a good thing, the negative point is Apple provides no option to delete such apps. There are several apps which are of no use to numbers of users and they want to uninstall or hide it but there is no way out. In iOS 10, we are expecting Apple will do something on this and will provide at least an option to hide such apps if not delete option. Another major issue with apps is Apple doesn’t let their users to customize their default apps. Pre-determined default app is not suitable to everyone’s requirement. They should give an option in iOS 10 to set default app of own choice.

Customize Control Center:

Fans are expecting to shift app with another useful icon in the iOS since in the previous operating system it is unable to perform and it has remained useless for many users as it couldn’t be customized. Developers have done a great job in designing the control center page with two toggles: Access on Lock Screen and Access within Apps. This thing has speeded up the process, but it will useful to all if they let users to customize shortcuts. Hope they will focus on this matter in iOS 10.

Improve Contacts Management:

A very minute thing in Apple’s previous operating system is vexing their users is the app contacts. It seems quite strange that we, Apple users, are not able to create groups of contacts. It is completely bizarre that Apple has not added such small feature in their mobile devices whereas we all can use the same feature in Mac and, but how come Apple slipped this feature from mobile devices. I hope this will be improved in iOS 10.

Besides this, another silly mistake from Apple’s side is not displaying two or more ceremonies on one contact. For instance, if you add birthday in the X contact, it will be displaying in iCal calendar as birthday, but the problem is if you add another date, say marriage ceremony of same friend, to the same contact, it will not be shown in iCal calendar or reminders. Apple should focus on it too since this is of no use if one cannot add dates and set reminders.

Improved Health Kit and Health App:

Apple has done a great job with its health app and in the iOS 10 they should include more graphs and visualizations. That will make the app visually pleasant and friendlier. It has covered the basics well with individual graphic progression report. In iOS 10 Apple should take a step further and include pie charts for breakdowns of entire groups (such as Nutrition) to better visualize your carbs and fat intake, that will help users to better understand their habits.

Personalization of Home Screen:

Many fans want this feature badly. It is not even a bad idea to give users authority to customize their home screen. Yes, Apple has given such sort of feature, but fans don’t want just a sort of thing, they want complete authority of customizable home screen. Currently it just runs basic functions and gives brief information. No, they don’t need to turn entirely like Android, but they can inspire themselves from Windows phone and make their icons live.

iOS 10 Images

The below is iOS 10 images gallery which fan-made and not official. We will be regularly updating the below photos:

Dear Apple iOS lovers,share your suggestions and ideas on iOS 10. You can share them by using the below comment box and best one will go up on the site.

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  1. I can’t wait for IOS 10 to be released. It’s going to be amazing!! Although, there is one thing in particular that I really want being improved on in this IOS. That thing is SIRI. When I try saying something, She/He don’t let me finish my statement. I click the microphone and one second later, it’s asking me, ” What was that”?

  2. Why in ios we cannot download any videos through safari? Thats a big deal

  3. Apple will undoubtedly unveil its next version of the mobile operating system, I can’t help but here is my iOS 10 Wishlist:
    Apple Maps Improvements:
    I think Apple should provide more transport data for more locations across the world.
    Improved Customization:
    When I am talking about customization I don’t mean as Android. I am personally customizing the design and layout of my device.
    Multiple User Support:
    If Apple wants to market as a tablet for professionals and as a laptop replacement, having multiple user support is a must.

  4. i need this for my iphone 4s i have tested all of your beta and i just want to test the ten when its release plz

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